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DIGITAL Marketing Manager - 3 Months (SAVE : ₹10,000)

DIGITAL Marketing Manager - 3 Months (SAVE : ₹10,000)

⦿ 3 Months Manager 80,000 / 3 Months

(Super Saver) SAVE : 10,000


(The Highly Suited Choice, For Majority of The Businesses & For Budget Saving)







✔ Google Ads

✔ Microsoft Bing Ads

✔ Facebook Ads

✔ Instagram Ads

✔ Twitter Ads

✔ LinkedIn Ads

✔ Pinterest Ads

✔ Facebook Product Listing (300 Products)

✔ Amazon Product Listing (300 Products)

✔ eBay Product Listing (300 Products)


*MULTIPLE Campaigns & Text / Image Ads / Post Boosts,
with the Customized Content of Your Business Brand. As Per The In-Depth Analysis, Which Will Be Performed By Us For Your Business & As Per The Suitable Requirement For It.





✔ Every Second Day (Every Alternate Day) A Creative Post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Business.


(Total up to 300 Text / Image Postings - for 3 Months)


✔ Complete Management of All The Social Media Account's & Online Presence, for any One Business Domain of : Brand, Celebrity, Artist, Public Figure, CEO, MD, etc. (Excluding Daily Ad Spend)


✔ Fully Optimized, Creative & Engaging Posts with Attractive Captions, Descriptions & Trending Hashtags.


✔ Branded Posts with Your Business Logo & Website Links.


✔ Scheduled Posts on the Best Time of the Day, for Better Audience Engagement & Broader Reach.





+ New Account / Profile Creation (For Non-Existent)

+ Optimizing The Social Media Accounts

+ Account Auditing

+ Proper Account Structuring

+ Strategic Marketing Action Plan

+ Campaign Strategy Planning

+ Campaign Optimization

+ Customised Brand Content

+ Accurate Audience Targeting

+ Maximum Audience Reach

+ Keyword Research

+ Keyword Bid Optimizations

+ 100% Original & High Quality Content

+ Text & Image Ad Content Management

+ Creative Image Ads Designing

+ Google Ad & MS Bing Ad Extensions

+ In Depth Weekly Analysis

+ Weekly & Monthly Performance Reports

+ Website Improvement Suggestions

+ Landing Page Optimization Suggestions

+ Highlights / Key Points Optimization

+ Global Brand Building & Management

+ Brand's Search Term Query Targeting

+ Positive Brand Image Maintenance

+ Negative User Comments Resolving

+ In-Depth Negative Keywords

+ User's Comment Query Solving

+ User's Feedback Appealing

+ Strong Interest Based Targeting

+ Strong Demographics Targeting

+ Strong Geo-Location Targeting

+ Strong Time Based Bidding

+ Daily Keyword's Bid Checking

+ Daily Ads Performance Tracking

+ Immediate Ads Disapproval Solving





(SOFT COPIES - PNG / MP4 / Xlsx Formats)


+ FREE Covers For Business Accounts / Pages, of :

Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.


(1 New Cover for Each Account - Every Month)

(Total 9 Designed Cover Images) - (PNG)


+ Bonus Covers for Each Global Festival of the Running Months

+ 1 Business Logo (Transparent PNG)

+ 1 Animated Business Logo Video (10 sec) - (MP4)

+ 1 Business Intro Video (1 Minute) - (MP4)

+ 1 Designed Letterhead (.xlsx)

+ 1 Design of Employee ID Card (PNG)

+ 1 Email Marketing Banner Design (PNG)

+ 1 Prof. Email ID of Your Brand - (GSuite Business) - (1 Month)

+ Use of Premium Licensed Stock Images (3)





✔ Hard & Soft Copy of The Quarterly Tie-up Contract, with Official Stamp Attestation & Verification is Included.





✔ Priority Customer Support by : Phone Call, Email & WhatsApp.


✔ Every Month 1 Online Conference Video Call Meeting, for Strategy Planning & Discussion.

  • After Placing an Online Order, For Availing This Particular Professional Service From CyberTron Global :


    (1) - You will receive a 'Tax Invoice' in email, for its Purchase Transaction.


    (2) - We will send you an 'Official Service Provider Contract', (Soft Copy in Email) which you will need to Sign & Officially Stamp it, and send the same, back to us via email. Once received, CyberTron Global will also Sign & Officially Stamp it, and then after the 'Final Soft Copy' will be sent back to you in an email, as proof.


    (3) - After Signing the Official Contract, CyberTron Global will then prepare the 'Marketing Strategy Plan' (within 3 working days), which will be shared with you, in a soft copy format via email, for Getting Your Approval. 


    (4) - After the 'Marketing Strategy Plan' is Approved by You, then after 'CyberTron Global' will Start Working for Your Business, and from the Same Day Your Subscription Period will Start (Date-To-Date Contractual Period Will Begin). So that, Your Business can get the 'Maximum Benefit' of the service period, from CyberTron Global.

  • ✔ Boost up to 10X Your Customers, Sales, Revenue, Profit & Brand Value.


    ✔ Become Global from Being Just A Local.


    Get Connected with CyberTron Global - the Right Marketing Partner Who Can Help Your Business Achieve up to 10X Growth Globally.


    All you need to do is to purchase a marketing plan for your business from our website & leave all your marketing worries to us. We will take complete care of all the online marketing tasks.


    CyberTron Global has a team of 45+ experts that are highly experienced & professionally certified that will work for your business to achieve the desired growth.

₹90,000.00 Regular Price
₹80,000.00Sale Price

So, what are you waiting for?
It is a 'Limited Time Discount Offer valid till 31st January 2023 only and for a limited number of clients. As of 1st February 2023, the plan prices will get restored to the original. You should use this golden opportunity to boost your business before this special discount scheme ends.

Benefits  To  Work  With  'CyberTron  Global'

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