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Cancellation & Return Policy

No returns are allowed. However, in case of a wrong or a defective product that has been sent, do let us know at the earliest.

You can write to us at or call us on +918140561115 (10:00 AM-06:00 PM, Monday-Friday).

Note: This Cancellation & Return Policy forms an integral part of the Terms & Conditions and all other policies, disclaimers, etc available on the Website of CyberTron Global and shall be read in conjunction.

  • For Products :

CyberTron Global is not responsible and does not guarantee a cancellation/return/refund for products in cases where:

  • The products are delivered to an incorrect address, provided by the sender.

  • Unsuccessful deliveries, arising from the recipient not being present at the time of delivery at the delivery address.

  • Recipient refusing to accept the delivery.

  • Product quality problems caused by improper handling of the product.

  • The customer fails to provide the correct details relating to the product requirements.

  • The customer does not inform us, within 1 hour, from the delivery time, if any issue in the product detected, after the successful delivery done, for any of the physical or digital products.

  • After the passing of 1 hour time, after placing the successful online order on the website, the order will be marked as complete/successful.

  • For Services :

CyberTron Global is not responsible and does not guarantee a cancellation/return/refund for services in cases where:

  • After the passing of 1 hour time, after placing the successful online order on the website, claims of cancellation/modification/refund will be considered invalid.

  • The client by mistake opts for the wrong package of services and fails to request us for rectification, within 1 hour, after placing the order.

  • If the client bargains or negotiates with us, to include more/additional services in the purchased package, of the opted services.

  • If the client or any other person (except CyberTron Global Team) has made any changes in any account, on which CyberTron Global team has been working on, for their opted - digital marketing or social media marketing services.

  • If the client argues or claims, that the results achieved from the marketing services are not as per their expectations. (whether it is in the form of website traffic, sales, leads, profit, loss, ROI, Goodwill, Royalty, any social media platform metrics/figures/numbers, ad spending budget costings, keyword bidding, ads quality, ad positions, text/post content, hashtags, etc).

  • After providing the online marketing strategy plan to the client, for their business.

  • After starting the opted service package, as per the opted duration. (whether monthly, quarterly or yearly basis).

  • After facing a minor delay in providing the specified task work, which comes under the opted service package. (making campaign, ad groups, ads, adding keywords, making image ad, making video ad, making new social media account/page, making new ad account in Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon and Verifying Accounts/Pages).

  • If by any chance any online ads platform like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or Amazon, Bans the business domain/website/account/profile/page, due to their policy violation, of any kind).

A partial refund (after deducting 18% GST & 2% Payment Gateway Transaction Charge on the order value) for cancellations is allowed, only if the request is made within 1 hour of placing the order.

In the event that we are unable to supply all or part of your order (the product or any substitute product to you at all), we shall notify you as soon as possible and reimburse your remaining amount, after deducting 20% of tax and also deducting the price of the delivered product.


An online refund is credited directly through the mode from which the customer has made the payment. Once processed by CyberTron Global, a refund generally takes a duration of 7 to 10 working business days, to reflect in your bank account and in some cases, for the International cross-country banks, (from any country to India) it can take more time as well.

In case of a product to be replaced, for being faulty and not working, the product shall be returned back to us, on the provided address on the ‘contact page', and for that product return charge shall be borne by the customer and once the returned product is received, then after a new product shall be shipped back to the customer.

In certain cases, if there may be some online orders of product or service, which we are unable to accept and can be cancelled by our side. We reserve the right to cancel any online order of product or service, for any reason, like under any unforeseen circumstances that may come in the way of your order that may be limitations on quantity available of purchase, error in product(s) or pricing information, or limitations of our credit department, or availability/shortage of the manpower in case of services.


Before accepting any online order, we need to have some details and information from your side, regarding the business and its relevant information. 


Same-day orders are processed immediately, and usually cannot be modified/cancelled. However, in case you want to modify/cancel an order, you can reach us on +91-8140561115 (10:00 AM to 06:00 PM – Indian Time, Monday to Friday) within 1 hour, from the actual time of placing an online order on the website. If the order has not been prepared or is not out for delivery, we can try to modify/cancel the order for you. If the order has already been prepared/dispatched, it cannot be cancelled/modified, and you will be charged for the full amount of the order value. And any refund made by CyberTron Global, whether for products or services, it will be a partial refund (after deducting 18% GST & 2% Payment Gateway Transaction Charge, on the Total Value of the Online Order placed on the website).

In other cases of order modification/cancellation, the client will need to submit the request, within 1 hour time, after placing an online order and after 1 hour has passed, the client will not be able to request for the order modification/cancellation/return/refund.

  • For Digital Products :

The time required for making the digital products would be mentioned in the product description, for each product, as it varies from product to product.

Cancellation & Return Policy is updated latest on : Sunday, 23/05/2021

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