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How expensive is 'Digital Marketing' service in 2021?

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Let me explain to you in a very simple language, that why the 'Digital Marketing' service fee differs in different cities and countries, globally.

Why the 'Digital Marketing' is very important in 2021?

You must be well aware of the fact, that approximately about how much the digital marketing agencies charge presently to their clients, starting from almost anywhere from ₹30,000 to ₹1,00,000 roughly (Per Month), no matter whichever Indian city you are from. And the other freelancers who lures the people by charging much lesser amount, are the ones who generally will never provide you any quality work, nor will they finish the work on specified time, but instead they will always extend it, by giving vague reasons for delaying the work. The time wasted in such a way by them, which you could have actually used it in increasing your business brand value, its sales & its revenue is wasted and it is considered to be a huge loss for both you and your business too. And to be honest, in today's world, 'Time is the Currency' which we cannot afford to waste it.

On the other hand, we at CyberTron Global, has always been providing the best quality solutions for the Digital Marketing & Online Business Solutions, at the most affordable fee structures, possible from our side. The main reason behind it, is our vision and belief, that the CyberTron Global Team firmly believes in strong work ethics and moral values, through which we serve all our clients with integrity and loyalty.

The main vision is to enable Global Brand Recognition & Success for the Small & Medium Scale Indian Business Industries, by providing them with the Best 'Professional Digital Marketing Services' through the most Affordable Solutions, to help them in Harnessing The Global Dominance & Success. As I want Indian businesses to Lead & Dominate the Global Business World.

We, at CyberTron Global strongly believe in practicing moral ethics and maintaining transparency in our work, no matter whichever service our client's opts for, our professional team always gives in their 100% best quality efforts for empowering our clients with the overall success for their business brand on international levels.

And as far as the CyberTron Global's future vision is concerned, from my behalf, I am 100% confident that I will make sure that the company achieves the stage soon, where we can proudly help as many Indian & Global businesses as possible, to make them reach to the peaks of their global success.

And to enable maximum number of Indian & global businesses to avail the benefits of our certified professional services, we always try our level best to keep our fees most reasonable and affordable compared with any other marketing agencies, who charges extremely high!

That is the main reason why the CyberTron Global has introduced the specially discounted fee structures Starting From Just:

₹27 (Per Hour)

₹666 (Per Day)

₹20,000 (Per Month)

As this world is going through a tough time during this pandemic COVID19 outbreak since more than a year now, there is no business which is affected badly by it. And not even only the business, but the job sector has also been affected as well. Businesses belonging to the different sectors, like Tourism, Restaurants, Automobile, Electronics, Entertainment, and many more industries has been struck down by a powerful blow, globally. The majority of the companies has opted the option of work from home, as many of the office's are kept closed due to the fear of spreading the corona virus infection, which has drastically brought down the productive levels and end point results of the workflow.

In such difficult time, when all are struggling to gain back their momentum, in the terms of revenue and sales, whether it is for the services or products which they provide, it is much more important and it is much needed to be ahead, then those of their competitors. As market demand has become scarce, for almost majority of the global industrial and business sectors. In such situation, one needs to be more active and more precise in targeting their potential customers. Targeting needs to be more precise, as well as accurate in terms of relevancy.

Why Precise Targeting is required in Digital Marketing?

Well, when we are able to target those specific customers only, who are relevant and who actually has requirement, for the services or products which a business has to offer, then only they are more likely to be converted into a customer, who arrived as just a visitor.

Precise targeting...

- results in a better revenue scale & better profit margins.

- helps to reduce the marketing cost's by a big means.

- gives your business brand higher qualitative values.

- helps to focus only on the right potential customers.

- reduces irrelevant visitors and thus saves precious time.

- reduces the bounce rate & its negative impact on the brand.

Who can actually provide precise targeting methods, for 'Digital Marketing' ?

Well, now a days, the internet as well as social media platforms are flooded with the ads, claiming to be 'experts' in digital marketing! Almost every 2 minutes of scrolling down the facebook feed, you will be able to notice such sponsored ads, in which the advertiser struggles to speak fluent english, looking like a high-school passed teenager, who has just learned how to make facebook ads campaign and probably has never even done any professional job, nor he has any experience of any sort of project! And then there are the other ones, who would use a rental high brand car or someone else's office to do the video shooting for their ad, claiming to be self made millionaires, by showing photoshop edited charts and data to fool people! And the last category of those advertiser is even more funnier. They are the ones selling Chep-Copy-Pasted material online digital marketing courses in just ₹200 or so! And then you see their comment section under their ads, which are filled with the comments of those people, who already got fooled and got deceived by their misleading & illusive ads and have already paid for a 'copy-pasted' content ebook or it is the same in live session as well. So you are smiling! Hhhhmmm... I know :-)

Well, such are the days we live in!


On the other hand, there are also the Professional Experts, who are ready to help and who are already offering their Certified Professional Skills & Techniques, through their highly experienced profiles, to help and enable businesses with the 'Proper Digital Marketing Channels', which can benefit the business at its core.

Proper Digital Marketing...

- can show your products/services to the people right when they are actually searching for it

- can help your ad to reach & showcase your business brand on international level.

- helps in making a good & global brand value of the business.

- can help in gaining trust of the people on the global platform.

- results in better sales, profit margins & return on investments.

- can help in reducing the overall traditional marketing costs.

- enables your business for reaching to all the potential customers, globally.

- provides a better brand recognition, trustworthiness & qualitative advantages.

Who can actually help a business in doing 'Proper Digital Marketing' ?

Well, as you already have seen there are lots of new comers out there, claiming to be experts and selling cheap services and courses online, by just making sponsored ads on the social media platforms!

But Apart from those, there are other genuine 'Certified Professional Companies' who are already helping thousands of already established companies as well as helping the new business startups in gaining the 'Global Brand Recognition, Better Sales, Better Profit Margins & Better ROI'.

"There are many, who claims to do it all, but the main question is,

What are the end results obtained?

Because just doing it, is not the only thing, Anyone can do it.

But what really matters are the consistent results produced to satisfy the Company's Goals." And We Always Deliver The Desired Results...

And we are a Team of Professionally Certified Experts, with -

• 11+ Years of Wide Experience & Skills, with Achievements of Completing Almost,

• 2800+ International Level Projects, with

• 770+ Global Clients, Providing Them The Highest Satisfaction Level, and With Winning Over

• 22 Global Awards, 38 Countries Served, with 15300+ Global Campaigns, and Record-Breaking

• $4 Million Ad Spend, Internationally & Still Counting on!

CyberTron Global is...

  • Google Adwords Certified Partner,

  • Google Analytics Certified Partner,

  • Google Adsense Certified Partner,

  • Google DoubleClick Certified Partner,

  • Facebook Blueprint Certified Member,

  • Twitter Flight School Certified Member,

  • Microsoft Advertising Certified Member,

  • Linkedin Marketing Certified Member,

  • Amazon Trained E-commerce Specialist,

  • HubSpot Certified Partner,

  • Adobe Certified Expert.

CyberTron Global is a well known & a Trusted Name, Worldwide in the field of the I.T. Industry. ​A One-Stop Solution To Fulfill All Your E-Business Requirements.

Commercialize Your Idea Through Digital Transformation, With Precise Targeting & Latest Technologies and Become Our Success Partner on the Global Platform.

For Example: Just imagine, if someone is trying to search online for a specific product or service, and if you already are a provider of the same product or service BUT unfortunately your business or company did not show up in the results? Can you imagine what will happen next? That searcher, who was supposed to be a potential customer for your business, ended up as a customer to one of your business competitors! And can you imagine if this process keeps repeating then what will be its outcome down the line?

That’s when we step in to help you. What exactly we do, is we can enable your business/company’s strong online presence, at the highest position possible, even higher than that of your competitors. So, when anyone searches online, for the products or services, which you already offer to sell, you can get to see your business & its strong online presence. And this helps to enable you, to reach more and more potential customers, globally on all the international platforms worldwide, with a good brand value. We help you make your Business a Global Brand, adding more value to its name, globally.

We're here for you…

We truly understand the value of E-Business Services & E-commerce growth in the business world, and we do value it at the core. Whether you need to step in as a new starter or even planning to expand an already established business, we are available to assist you with all your E-Business requirements, only through the hands of professionally certified experts, which ensures the best possible results, achievable for your business.

Simple enough to understand isn’t it? But, the truth is that it really takes a lot of skills, expertise, resources & hard work to position your business / company's online presence on the top results and most importantly to maintain it on the top position.

We strive to be the best…

We offer a wide range of E-Business & E-Commerce services and strive to be the best in delivering the desired results, as per the client's requirement and customized budget. We believe in our work and stand behind every decision we make, to make your business shine higher in the global world market.

There are 'SHEEPS' who lead a flock of Sheeps...

And there are 'WOLVES' leading a pack of 'Wolves'...

The main question is, "Which one of them would you choose to become?"

There is Really No Limit To Achieve Success"... But Together, We Can & We Will...

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