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Founder / CEO

Identity For This Life:

A Tech Savvy Parsi Guy Who Possesses 11+ Years of Professionally Certified Expertise as a Global Digital Marketing Consultant, For The Numerous Well-Known Multi-National Global Companies, Worldwide.

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A Bit About Myself

  • Phase 1 :

Everybody has a story, and so do I. Born and raised in Surat City (Gujarat - India), in a middle-class family, since childhood I developed a curiosity of trying to know the details of how things actually work! The same goes for the mechanism of Online Marketing too. During my college days of studying Computer Engineering, I was fascinated by the glitters of the emerging 'Online-Marketing' field. And so to quench my thirst for knowledge, I started learning it, kept researching and accomplished numerous professional certifications, and yes its numbers are still counting on, even now!

  • Phase 2 :

Ultimately one needs to get a good income to survive in this world and so I started doing an 11 AM to 8 PM (Mon to Fri) job in a Vadodara-based private limited company which had its primary base in the UK, as a European Pharma Reseller, through its range of domains. For which my starting salary as a PPC Executive was around 9k a month. No doubt, that I was able to provide exceptional performance in growing the PPC account figures, along with the recognition and salary hikes with promotions up to Managerial level for my work, setting up new records of achievements in overall revenue contribution, which followed for another 4 years! But then, as you all know that dirty politics and insecurity amongst the seniors always kick in, when you're a real performer, not bowing down for licking the booths of anyone. But, as the vision of my future started to appear clear, I had my goals set for becoming a leader in my field and my eyes set on achieving 'Self Accredited Success" on a global level in the more diversified domains. Wanting to create a corporate space, entrepreneur identity and of course the ownership of my own in the corporate world, I resigned from the job and officially established my own Sole Proprietorship Company, as a Digital Marketing Service Provider & after achieving huge fast-paced success, I was able to expand the corporate office in the Bengaluru I.T. Hub too.

  • Phase 3 :

Officially registered my company, and as a Founder & CEO, for the global online marketing projects undertaken, in the beginning, I was the only single-handed operating staff (one man army) who was taking care of every damn thing, from content, designing & marketing for the first month! And eventually, things started turning well in leaps and bounds in terms of success. Setting up my own office, hiring professional staff, getting bigger international projects and dealing with the task management systems, were all so cherishable and fun! But now, I deal only with the most crucially important things relating to the Digital Marketing Project Management of My Clients, cutting off all the bits of unnecessary work clutter, keeping in hand only the most important tasks, to focus on the matters which relate to the CyberTron Global company & Client Companies betterment, its future aspects and its prominent success. 

  • Phase 4 :

Well, I'll write this later after a couple of years, from now. So far, till now you've taken interest in reading about me, which is commendable. So, till then stay tuned and I'll keep that suspense within myself for now. Ciao.. !!

Well, apart from the Achievement of The Global Success of The Company, The main vision is to enable Global Brand Recognition & Success for the Small & Medium Scale Indian Business Industries, by providing them with the Best 'Professional Digital Marketing Services' through the most Affordable Solutions, to help them in Harnessing The Global Dominance & Success. As I want Indian businesses to Lead & Dominate the Global Business World.

We, at CyberTron Global strongly believe in practising moral ethics and maintaining transparency in our work, no matter whichever service our clients opt for, our professional team always gives in their 100% best quality efforts for empowering our clients with the overall success of their business brand on international levels.

And as far as CyberTron Global's future vision is concerned, on my behalf, I am 100% confident that I will make sure that the company achieves the stage soon, where we can proudly help as many Indian & Global businesses as possible, to make them reach the peaks of their global success.

And for maintaining a Global presence of CyberTron Global, some big plans are already under process and rolling on wheels, for enabling the expansion of multi-country origin. For which, in the upcoming couple of years, issuance of the IPO funding for the public investors, will also be seen soon enough.

Nevertheless, we have been, we are and we will be serving our clients, with the best level of performance & services, throughout.  

The Vision...

Zubin H Elavia.png
Zubin H. Elavia
Founder & CEO


  • Digital Marketing Professional Expert,

  • Global Online Business Strategist,

  • Global Online Business Coach,

  • Cyber Law & Cyber Security Expert,

  • Reality Notion Writer & Speaker,

  • Visiting Faculty & Guest Lecturer at:

        B.V.P. University, I.G.N.O.U. & N.I.M.


• Microsoft Bing Ads,  

• Google Ads & Google Analytics, 

• Google Digital Unlocked,

• Cyber Law & Cyber Security,

• Computer Engineering (BVJNIOT)

• Business Management - (HAAS School

of Business, California University, USA). 

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